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The 2024 edition

The AMAZONAS GREEN JAZZ FESTIVAL 2024 emerges as a vibrant and comprehensive celebration of Afro-American cultural heritage in music, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees. This festival, standing out in the cultural scene, attracts notable artists who bring with them a diverse and rich repertoire. From the irresistible rhythm of rhythm and blues to the elegance of Latin jazz, through the emotive blues and the uniqueness of Brazilian ijexá pop, the festival embraces the vastness of the "Africa in Us," providing a musical education that inspires and deeply reflects on African roots in contemporary music.

Through the realization of this magnificent event, the festival not only pays tribute to the indelible influence of African culture in the musical universe but also fosters an enriching intercultural dialogue. It celebrates diversity and unity through jazz, a universal language that transcends borders and unites people from different backgrounds. Jazz, with its unique ability to incorporate and reflect multiple cultural traditions, emerges as the perfect vehicle for this celebration of unity in diversity.

The historical context of this rich musical tradition dates back to the African diasporas, whose cultures, over five centuries, have profoundly shaped identities in the American continent. The African legacy, integrating harmoniously with elements of other cultures, has given rise to a variety of musical genres that share a common feeling of rhythm, swing, and flavor. This vibrant essence, touching both the body and soul, manifests in genres like blues, salsa, samba, and numerous other musical expressions, showcasing the universality and depth of African impact on global music.

In this sense, jazz, due to its remarkable ability to influence and be influenced by a wide range of cultures, holds a prominent place as the artistic expression that best encapsulates the spirit of diversity and cultural integration. As we advance into the 21st century, jazz continues to evolve, reflecting and celebrating the multiple facets of human experience.

Thus, the AMAZONAS GREEN JAZZ FESTIVAL 2024 positions itself not only as Brazil's premier jazz festival but also as a powerful symbol of the ongoing relevance and richness of African heritage in the Americas. Under the visionary leadership of Rui Carvalho, the festival's artistic director and principal conductor of the Amazonas Band, this event promises to be a milestone in promoting music as a unifying force and expression of shared cultural identity. By bringing together exceptional artists and audiences from diverse backgrounds, the festival reaffirms the vital role of music in building bridges between cultures and in strengthening common bonds of humanity.

Rui Carvalho
Artistic Director, Amazonas Green Jazz Festival
Principal Conductor, Amazonas Band

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